Tell me about your project.

Hi, I Am Mike and Welcome to Lionize Creative

Freelance Graphic Design in Fremont, Nebraska

Why choose Me.

With degrees in Web Development and Print Graphic Design I have the ability to cover a wide range of design needs. Whether you just looking for a favicon, business card, flyer or an entire website I have you covered.

My Mission.

I like to build relationships, what this means for you is that I become invested in your projects. I love to see people succeed. Lionize defines as “give a lot of public attention and approval to (someone); treat as a celebrity” and that is my goal for your projects.

What I Do.

Before I design I conduct research. I research a wide variety of area such as competitors, similar companies, look and feel of your business, and much more. Then based on that research I create designs that will best convey your message to world.